We’re super proud to be the first development in South Africa and Africa awarded with a 6 Star Green Star Sustainable Precincts v1.1 Certification, showing our commitment to a healthier, eco-friendlier community. We also just earned our EDGE Advanced certification. And there are more to come! Our design is all about nature and community, so you’re always just a short walk or bike ride from awesome green spaces and top-notch amenities. Living here isn’t just good for the planet—it’s good for you too! Here at Newinbosch, we’re not just jumping on the bandwagon – we’re driving it. We’re on a mission to become the greenest neighbourhood in South Africa (and maybe, just maybe, even in all of Africa). And to prove it, we’re targeting not one, not two, but five certifications.


Newinbosch has already snagged a 6 Star Green Star Sustainable Precincts v1.1 Certification this year. It’s not just a big deal in South Africa; it’s a first for all of Africa and puts us among only a few 6 Star-rated precincts worldwide. This rating is like our neighbourhood’s gold star (or green star), showing off our smart urban design and all the cool stuff we’ve done to make Newinbosch a great place to live. We’re building skills, managing construction like pros, and creating awesome amenities that make Newinbosch the lively, eco-friendly, and economically sustainable neighbourhood it is.


Recently, we’ve also been awarded the EDGE Advanced certification for all residential buildings, which is like giving your home a superpower! This certification means that our houses are at least 40% more energy efficient and 20% more water and material efficient than the norm. Not only does this qualify you for better bond rates, but it also saves you money on your bills due to reduced running costs. We’ve worked super hard to achieve this certification to provide you with more sustainable and cost-effective living.


This certification is all about our landscaping game and to show that we made a significant improvement to its before and after ecological contribution during the construction of Newinbosch. We’ll do this by planting locally indigenous plants (Swartland Shale Renosterveld species) in public landscaping spots, creating biodiversity corridors along non-motorized pathways, and giving homeowners tips on what to plant. We will only receive this once the neighbourhood is completed, proving that we’ve really put our green thumbs to work!



This certification will be a high-five for the Grappa Shed, our flagship lifestyle centre. It’s all about how we handle energy, water and materials. Plus, it will recognise the awesome interior vibes that will make it feel so light and airy, welcoming everyone in!


We’re also setting our sights on a GBCSA Net Zero Carbon certification for the Grappa Shed. This certification will recognise our commitment to energy efficiency, guaranteeing that the building’s operational energy is sourced from renewable sources.

Being a green neighbourhood isn’t just about hugging trees and sorting bins! We’re all for caring for the environment from every angle, whether it’s our homes, amenities, landscaping, or energy and water efficiency.


Newinbosch isn’t just another estate; it’s a hub of innovation and sustainable living. We’re planting only native flora that thrives in Stellenbosch throughout the neighbourhood and even have our own on-site nursery where we nurture thousands of trees that will be planted in our neighbourhood. We’re also creating pocket forests! These miniature forests are a vibrant ecosystem where tall trees form a canopy, providing shade and shelter, while a diverse shrub layer below creates a habitat for birds, insects, and other creatures. Not just a feast for the eyes, our pocket forests play a vital role in our ecosystem. They act as natural air purifiers and provide sanctuary for a multitude of species. Learn more about pocket forests here and here.

Our residents will also join us in embracing our vision by planting indigenous trees and plants and will be able to choose from a wide variety of plants and trees, some of which would naturally grow on-site, like Swartland Shale Renosterveld, while others might be found in our rivers and valleys.


The Newinbosch Renewable Energy System is a combination of energy sources, including solar power, municipal grid supply, battery energy and possibly even some generators in the future. This blend of energy will keep our neighbourhood running smoothly, all thanks to Newinbosch Energy, a collaboration between Broadreach and Lesedi, independent of the Newinbosch developer. Check out how the Newinbosch Microgrid will keep you completely free from load shedding up to Stage 3 and probably even beyond, guaranteeing uninterrupted limited power for all our residents from Stage 4 – 8.


Here are some other innovative solutions that will drive efficient use of natural resources and reduce our carbon footprint:

  • New-generation waste management
  • Not-for-profit urban farm
  • Waterwise irrigation
  • Cost-saving energy efficiencies informing all design considerations
  • Green infrastructure


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